Sunday, January 18, 2009

glotoncita? yo no!

My temperance challenge last night was not to eat or drink too much from my parents' wonderful kitchen, and I succeeded! Their dual income provides them with the means to buy the stuff of foodie dreams, and most of my visits involve being offered a caravan of leftover delights from the fridge, to which I always surrender. But last night, in the face of Chambord, port, and delicious chocolate cake, I was not vanquished. Usually I'd think to myself, "Cake! Wine! Celebrate! HAVE MORE!" But that's not celebrating. Celebrating means enjoying what's there. My desire to go back for seconds or to eat a whole pizza is a desire to induce a feeling of excess that really isn't enjoyable when I see what it does to my body. And eating for excess ends up devaluing both the food and the process of eating. So hopefully I'll be able to attain more balance with pleasurable things in the future.

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